Select Publications and Posters

The following are select scientific publications and posters co-authored by PETA Science Consortium International and its members. Additional publications related to reducing animal use can be found here.

Acute Systemic Toxicity (General)


Carcinogenicity and Genotoxicity

Computer Modelling

Developmental Neurotoxicity



Endocrine Disruption


Eye Irritation/Corrosion

Foetal Bovine Serum

Food Safety

High Production Volume Chemical Testing Program

Inhalation Toxicity

Medical Devices

Method Development, Validation, and Implementation 


PETA Science Consortium International Information


Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

Regulatory Assessment

  • Hilton GM, Bhuller Y, Doe JE, Wolf DC, Currie RA. A new paradigm for regulatory sciencesRegul Toxicol Pharmacol. Published online 2 November 2023.
  • Wolf DC, Bhuller Y, Cope R, Corvaro M, Currie R,  Doe J, Doi A,  Hilton G, Mehta J,  Saltmiras D, Sewell F,  Trainer M, Déglin SE. Transforming the evaluation of agrochemicals. Pest Manag Sci. Published online 30 August 2022.

 Skin Sensitisation and Irritation/Corrosion




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