About PETA Science Consortium International

PETA Science Consortium International advances animal-free approaches with a focus on regulatory tests that protect human health and the environment. We collaborate with other scientists to create a world in which robust toxicological assessments are conducted without using animals.


Advancing Science 

  • Investing in the development and validation of animal-free testing methods and strategies that meet regulatory needs
  • Designing studies and coordinating validation efforts
  • Conducting retrospective data analyses to determine when animal data are not being used in regulatory decision-making

Forming Partnerships

  • Collaborating with companies and regulatory agencies to implement animal-free testing and data sharing
  • Partnering internationally to promote global acceptance of animal-free testing approaches

Disseminating Information

  • Providing researchers with free educational opportunities on animal-free methods, including webinars, workshops, and hands-on training
  • Presenting and publishing our work to replace animal use

Read our report highlighting the Science Consortium’s activities from 2012-2022.