Employment Opportunities with Science Consortium Members

Interested in advancing animal-free toxicology testing? The scientists who advise PETA Science Consortium International e.V. have diverse backgrounds–including master’s and PhD degrees in toxicology, molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and biomedical sciences–and a shared passion for replacing animal tests with efficient and effective in vitro and in silico models. They spend their days working with government agencies, industry, method developers, and academia; researching existing non-animal models and identifying areas of research to fund; analyzing test data; and traveling to conferences around the world to share their work.

Regulatory Scientist (medical device or pharmaceutical testing)
The successful candidate will lead strategic efforts advancing in vitro approaches for medical device and/or pharmaceutical testing. Responsibilities include conducting independent research, attending scientific conferences, working with companies and regulatory agencies, reviewing and writing technical reports, and maintaining expertise in non-animal test methods and international regulatory requirements. Applicants should have an advanced degree in toxicology or a related field and a minimum of 1-3 years of experience with a regulatory agency or a company in the medical device or pharmaceutical sector. Apply for the position here.


Passionate about advancing non-animal test methods? Email us at [email protected] to learn about other opportunities with our team.