Skin Corrosion and Skin Irritation

Consortium members PETA Foundation UK and PETA US have funded the development and optimisation of methods to strengthen non-animal dermal corrosion and irritation testing used for the transportation of chemicals and hazardous materials. PETA Foundation UK provided funding towards the final validation of EpiDermTM, which resulted in its acceptance as an OECD test guideline. PETA US also provided funds for a skin corrosion method that was validated to segregate corrosive chemicals into hazard classes, a distinction that is significant under the regulation on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). The Consortium and its members continue to work on international harmonisation with this two-level hazard classification, which could dramatically reduce the number of rabbits used to satisfy transportation regulations in the EU, US, and elsewhere.

“MatTek is extremely gratified to be recognized by PETA and appreciates PETA’s support in its quest to produce new and improved in vitro test methods that reduce or eliminate animal testing.”
-Dr Mitch Klausner
MatTek Corporation