Inhalation Toxicity Testing

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One major focus area for the Science Consortium is developing effective and efficient approaches to assess inhalation toxicity that protect human health without using animals. In 2015 and 2016, we hosted webinars and two workshops focused on alternative approaches for inhalation toxicity testing. Experts from industry, government agencies, academia, and NGOs attended and presented at these workshops and webinars, which were co-organized with NICEATM. Following these workshops, we:

  • Funded the development and characterization of a 3D human tissue model of the lower respiratory tract (see here)
  • Conducted proof-of-concept testing to show how in vitro approaches can be used to assess the toxicity of inhaled materials (see here)
  • Established ongoing working groups to collect data for a publicly-available database
  • Donated five Vitrocell in vitro inhalation exposure devices to laboratories (see here)
  • Awarded researchers with free 3D human tissue models to assess the effects of inhaled substances (see here)
  • Hosted webinars on non-animal approaches for inhalation toxicity testing (see here)
In silico models In vitro assays Integrated approaches to testing and assessment

Putting the Pieces Together

More webinars to be posted in September 2018!

Putting the Pieces Together: Integrated Approaches for Assessing the Toxicity of Inhaled Substances

In silico Models In vitro assays Integrated Approaches