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12 June 2024
Technische Universität Braunschweig News Release: In Case of a Black Widow Bite, What Can You Do?

30 April 2024
Chemical Watch: US EPA Trials NAMs-based Screening Approach for New TSCA Chemicals

11 January 2024
Chemical Watch: TSCA New Chemicals Programme to Prioritise Non-animal Test Data for Eye Effects

9 January 2024
InsideEPA: EPA Launches NAM Framework For Chemical Eye-Irritation Tests Under TSCA

8 August 2023
Chemical Watch: Human Bronchial Cells Can Be Used to Screen for Respiratory Toxicity, Study Suggests

14 April 2023
Chemical Watch: EPA Commits to ‘Dialogue’ on TSCA Test Orders Before Issuing Them

23 February 2023
Chemical Watch: New Organisation for Alternative Testing Will Get $4M Annual Budget

2 February 2023
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Group Funding Allows Scientists Revolutionary Way to Expand Access to Human Lung Slices

25 January 2023
Chemical Watch: OECD Calls for ‘Urgent Mobilisation’ of Funding for Test Method Validation

25 January 2023
Chemical Watch: Frozen Human Lung Slices Suitable for Chemical Toxicity Tests, Study Finds

16 November 2022
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Group Co-edits Special Issue of Journal on Human-relevant Toxicity Testing

10 November 2022
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Group Celebrates 10 Years of Advancing Animal-free Toxicity Testing

7 October 2021
Chemical Watch: Scientists Push for Greater Use of In Vitro Genotoxicity Tests

28 October 2020
The Independent: Why Horses are Bled and Left to Die to Produce Diphtheria Treatment

16 July 2020
EurekAlert!: New Webinar Series Will Highlight Benefits of Animal-Free Antibodies for COVID-19

7 July 2020
Environmental Factor: Reductions in Animal Testing Celebrated at National Meeting

19 February 2020
US Environmental Protection Agency News Release: EPA Takes Important Step to Reduce Unnecessary Animal Testing

21 January 2020
EurekAlert!: Scientists Show We Don’t Need Horses to Treat Diphtheria

17 January 2020
Scientific Reports: Scientists Find Way to Make Diphtheria Treatment Without Injecting Horses with Toxin

4 November 2019
Environmental Factor: Experts Debate Challenges of Tissue Chips, Machine Learning

23 August 2019
Tobacco Reporter: Replacing Animal Testing

1 July 2019
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Group Donates $50,000 in Equipment to Pioneering Laboratory

21 February 2019
VegNews: Herbal Essences Commits to Never Testing on Animals…Even in China

4 December 2018
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Group and Epithelix Award Researchers Tools to Replace Animal Tests

30 November 2018
Bloomberg Environment: Killing Rats Yields to AI as Science Seeks to Avoid Animal Tests

7 November 2018
EurekAlert!: Young Researcher (Maria Gutierrez) Wins PETA International Science Consortium Award

28 October 2018
Chemical & Engineering News: Big Tobacco Embraces In Vitro Toxicology

18 October 2018
EurkeAlert!: Early-Career Scientist Wins PETA International Science Consortium Award

23 August 2018
Chemical Watch: Echa BoA ‘Sidesteps’ Animal Testing Issue in Symrise case

2 July 2018
Science Magazine: PETA, Dow Chemical, Department of Defense, others co-author inhalation testing paper

8 March 2018
BBC Science Focus: Can We End Animal Testing?

12 January 2018
EurekAlert!: PETA International Science Consortium, Chemical Watch to Offer Free Toxicology Webinars

4 January 2018
EurekAlert!: Newly Published Report Outlines Roadmap for Modernizing Inhalation Toxicity Testing

21 November 2017
Science Magazine: Young Scientist Wins PETA Science Consortium Award for Commitment to Animal-Free Research

22 August 2017 
IIVS: Collaborative Effort Aims to Replace Rabbit Test for Personal Lubricant Products

12 June 2017
Science Magazine: PETA Science Consortium Donates $400K in Animal-Free Test Equipment
PR Newswire: IIVS Recipient of Device That Mimics Human Exposure to Aerosols

28 May 2017 
CNBC: Companies are Making Human Skin in Labs to Curb Animal Testing of Products

25 May 2017 
Chemical Watch: US Federal Agencies to Guide Development of Non-Animal Tests

24 April 2017 
Chemical & Engineering News: Big Data, Big Deadlines Spur Change in Toxicity Testing

16 March 2017
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Group Promotes Animal-Free Science at Society of Toxicology Conference

13 February 2017
Tobacco Reporter: BAT and PMI share award

December 2016
IEEE Women in Engineering: Technology Brings Change to Toxicity Testing: Animal Rights are at the Forefront

23 November 2016 
Tobacco Reporter: PETA Running Win-Win Competition

22 November 2016
Reuters: Animal-Rights Groups Fund Diphtheria Study to Advance Medicine, Spare Horses

7 September 2016
AZONano: PETA Science Consortium to Present Nonanimal Testing Approaches at Regulatory Science Summit

12 July 2016
ACS Central Science: A Conversation with Amy Clippinger

2 May 2016 
Science Magazine: Non-animal Approach to Predict Impact of Nanomaterials on Human Lung Published

25 April 2016 
Science Magazine: Scientists Propose Non-animal Tools for Assessing The Toxicity of Nanomaterials

18 March 2016 
The Economic Times: Victory for Animal Rights: Govt Scraps Repeat Tests on Animals for Drugs in Use Abroad

6 March 2016 
CBC News: Health Canada to Drop Required Pesticide Safety Test Using Beagles
Le Journal De Montréal: Toxicité des pesticides: fin d’un test qui coûte la vie à des centaines de chiens par an
Korea News Gazette: Health Canada to Drop Required Pesticide Safety Test Using Beagles

24 February 2016 
Nanotechnology Now: Risk Analysis Publishes Non-animal Strategy to Assess Nanomaterials

9 February 2016 
Forbes: Lube Maker, PETA at Odds With FDA Over Animal Testing
Vocativ: Should The FDA Require Animal Testing for your Lube?

20 January 2016 
STAT (Boston Globe): PETA Pumps Millions Into Scientific Research in Bid to Spare Lab Animals

26 October 2015 
EurekAlert!: Technologies Can Improve Research, Cut Costs by Replacing Animal-Derived Antibodies
News-Medical.Net: Replacing Animal-Derived Antibodies With Modern Technologies Can Improve Quality of Research, Reduce Costs

22 September 2015 
Chemical Watch: Non-animal Research Group Offers Reward for AOP Development

31 August 2015
EurekAlert!: $200K Awarded to Develop In Vitro Lung Test for Toxicity of Inhaled Nanomaterials
AZONano: PETA Funds Development of In Vitro Toxicity Test for Exposure to Nanomaterials
Nanowerk: Grant to Develop In Vitro Lung Test for Toxicity of Inhaled Nanomaterials
Chemical Watch: PETA Commissions In Vitro Nanoparticle Lung Fibrosis Test
Nanotechnology Now: $200K Awarded to Develop In Vitro Lung Test for Toxicity of Inhaled Nanomaterials: In Vitro Lung Test Designed to Protect Human Health and Replace Animal Testing

10 August 2015 
Medical Design & Outsourcing: MatTek and PETA Science Group to Award 3D Human Tissues for Research and Product Development

10 June 2015
ECHA Board of Appeal Agrees With PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. in Ruling That May Save 1,300 Animals

1 April 2015 
EurekAlert!: PETA and PCRM Researchers Publish on In Vitro Methods for Assessing Tobacco Toxicity: Survey Supports Prioritizing In Vitro Methods Over Animal Studies

16 March 2015 
Nanowerk: PETA Science Consortium Seeks Laboratories to Develop Nanomaterial Toxicity Test

26 January 2015
Advert in Parliament Magazine Draws Attention to ECHA Failures

12 December 2014
EurekAlert!: Ruling on PETA Complaint a Victory for Animals Used in EU Chemical Tests

8 December 2014 
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Consortium to Present at Society for Risk Analysis Meeting

4 December 2014 
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Consortium to Present Non-animal Alternatives at FDA Tobacco Testing Workshop

16 October 2014 
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Consortium to Present Hazard Testing Strategy at ECHA Workshop

12 September 2014 
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Consortium Experts to Present at International Nanotechnology Workshop: PETA International Science Consortium, Ltd., is a Sponsor of Nano Risk Analysis II
Nanotechnology Now: PETA Science Consortium Experts to Present at International Nanotechology Workshop: PETA International Science Consortium, Ltd., is a Sponsor of Nano Risk Analysis II

26 August 2014 
EurekAlert!: PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. at 9th World Congress to Present New Research on Alternatives to Animal Use in Experiments

2 June 2014 
ECHA Report on the Use of Alternatives to Testing on Animals for The REACH Regulation

28 May 2014 
European Bureaucracy Responsible for More Needless Animal Deaths

8 May 2014 
PETA Hits Boston Scientific With Proposal to Come Clean on Animal Use: Company Needs Plan to Address Abysmal Animal Welfare Record at Contract Laboratories

22 April 2014 
EurekAlert!: PETA Science Consortium to Present Hazard Testing Strategy at Nanotoxicology Meeting: High Tech Field Ripe for Use of Sophisticated Non-animal Testing Strategies

25 March 2014 
EurekAlert!: Validation Study Results Show Method Can Replace Live Animals in Skin Allergy Tests: PETA International Science Consortium Ltd., Presents Findings at Society of Toxicology Meeting

5 February 2014
Feds Accept New, More Humane Shellfish Toxicity Test: PETA Funded Licensing Required to Implement Test Nationwide and End Painful Use of Animals

30 January 2014 
India Ends Household-Product Tests on Animals: Bureau of Indian Standards Committee Removes Animal Tests From Requirements

14 November 2013 
PETA Wins International Prize For Exposing Secret Tests on Animals: LUSH Cosmetics Awards Group $40,000 For Raising Public Awareness of Cruel Laboratory Experiments

1 November 2013
EurekAlert!: Animal Welfare Scientists Reveal Infrequent and Inconsistent Acceptance of Existing Data by EPA to Satisfy Endocrine Disruptor Testing Requirements

1 October 2013 
EurekAlert!: PETA and its International Affiliates Launch Not-For-Profit International Science Company: New International Science Consortium Receives Accredited Stakeholder Status With Key European Agency

28 June 2013 
Victory: India Ends All Animal Testing for Cosmetics Following PETA India Campaign: LUSH, The Body Shop, And Members of Indian Parliament Among Those Who Joined PETA in Calling for End to Cruel and Ineffective Animal Tests

19 June 2013
EurekAlert!: PETA International Science Consortium Disappointed in Denial of Dow Appeal

7 June 2013 
EurekAlert!: New EPA Pesticide Guidance Should Result in Fewer Dead Animals: PETA International Science Consortium Reacts to New Guidelines

22 May 2013 
EurekAlert!: Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013: PETA International Science Consortium: Reform of Chemical Safety Legislation Will Succeed Only if it also Modernizes Toxicity Testing

30 January 2013 
EurekAlert!: REACH News: European Ombudsman Takes Up PETA Complaint: Animal Group Claims European Chemical Agency Guilty of Maladministration