Webinar Series on In Vitro Phototoxicity Testing

A two-part webinar series on in vitro phototoxicity testing co-organised by the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) and PETA Science Consortium International. Part 1 will include a methodological overview on phototoxicity assays, and Part 2 will cover case studies from industry applying the methods.

Webinar 1: In Vitro Phototoxicity Testing Part 1: Methodological Overview
4 October 2023
Allison Hilberer, MS, IIVS (slides)
Satomi Onoue, PhD, University of Shizuoka (slides)*

*For further reference, see the following publications:

Webinar 2: In Vitro Phototoxicity Testing Part 2: Application Case Studies
11 October 2023
Gretchen Ritacco, MS, Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (slides)
Edward Chikwana, PhD, Corteva (slides)