Award for MedTec Biolab In Vitro Inhalation Exposure System

In June 2021, PETA Science Consortium International and MedTec Biolab, Inc., awarded Dr Charu Chandrasekera, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods, a free CelTox Sampler. Manufactured by MedTec Biolab, the device can be used to expose in vitro lung cell models to a variety of substances (e.g. chemicals, cigarette smoke, or nanomaterials) at the air-liquid interface, mimicking human exposure.

Dr Chandrasekera will use the CelTox Sampler to assess the acute inhalation toxicity of chemicals in vitro using a novel, three-dimensional, bioprinted human respiratory tract tissue model (Alveoli-in-a-Dish) developed at her centre.




Dr Charu Chandrasekera

“I am very grateful to the Science Consortium and MedTec Biolab for this valuable gift. The CelTox Sampler will play an integral role in the development and validation of our Alveoli-in-a-Dish model, poised to replace animals in inhalation toxicity testing.”

— Dr Chandrasekera