PETA Science Consortium International Sends Joint Appeal to German Ministries to Encourage Investment in Non-Animal Test Methods

PETA Science Consortium International e.V. and members of industry and academia in Germany sent an appeal to German federal ministries asking for more progress and focus on the use of non-animal methods in regulatory testing. The joint appeal was sent to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection due to the ability of these institutions to support the development and validation of non-animal methods and promote their application in the toxicity testing of chemicals and plant protection products.

In the appeal, the alliance calls on the ministries to take three specific measures to increase the development and uptake of non-animal toxicity test methods:

  • Present, in a timely fashion, an action plan to make animal tests redundant.
  • Establish funding opportunities to increase scientific confidence in non-animal methods after their development.
  • Establish an institute or authority to coordinate all activities concerning the development, validation, and funding of new non-animal methods.

Read the full appeal here.