New Resource Provides Access to Data and Tools to Support the Development of Non-Animal Test Methods

NICEATM and its partners have launched a new resource, the Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE), to reduce and replace the use of animals by providing access to existing curated data for tens of thousands of chemicals and tools to support the development and validation of non-animal test methods. Currently, ICE provides interactive access to acute oral toxicity, skin and eye irritation, skin sensitization, and endocrine activity data for approximately 10,000 chemicals, predicted physicochemical property data for about 40,000 chemicals, and screening data from Tox21. NICEATM plans to update the database throughout the year, including adding data for in vivo androgenic activity (Hershberger assay) and in silico predictions of skin sensitizer activity, and workflows for physiochemical property prediction and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models for in vitro to in vivo extrapolation.