JRC Review Shows Better Use of Existing Knowledge Sources could Reduce Animal Use

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) released the findings of its study investigating the available knowledge on the replacement, reduction and refinement (the 3Rs) of animal experiments used in research and testing, to understand how supply of such knowledge can better meet demand.

The study profiled more than 800 knowledge sources, including websites, publications, events and social media, and incorporated this information into an online inventory. Alongside the inventory, the JRC surveyed 351 people working in areas related to the 3Rs to identify further opportunities for knowledge sharing.

The report found that, whilst there is an abundance of 3Rs knowledge sources, implementation of the 3Rs would be significantly improved through better knowledge coordination, communication and outreach. It also recognised the PETA Science Consortium International e.V. as a good source of information for a broad audience and as a producer of informative materials that could facilitate a bridge between various public groups within the scientific community. The full report can be read here.