Award to Attend Training on In Vitro Lung Models

Three researchers have been selected for the Science Consortium’s award to attend a training course on in vitro lung models organised by Altertox Academy and Epithelix. The training will be held at Epithelix in Geneva, Switzerland, from 9-10 November 2023, and will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about and gain hands-on experience with in vitro three-dimensional lung models and exposure devices for evaluating respiratory toxicity.

Dr Jana Pantzke is a Scientific Researcher at Helmholtz Munich and is working on assessing the toxicity of ultrafine particles in the lungs using cell models.

Jordana Andrade is a doctoral candidate at the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, whose dissertation work focuses on replacing the use of animal-derived matrices in three-dimensional cell cultures.

Emanoela Tha is a doctorate candidate at Freie Universität Berlin and is pursuing her dissertation work in the field of respiratory toxicology at BASF, Germany.