Work With Multi-National Corporations

PETA Science Consortium International collaborates extensively with other organisationsincluding chemical, medical device, consumer product, and pharmaceutical companies as well as in silico and in vitro method developersto ensure that available animal-free methods are implemented and to promote the development of novel non-animal tests. The Consortium holds regular meetings with companies and these discussions have resulted in numerous actions to reduce animal use, such as:

  • Expanding the use of non-animal methods and contributing data to validation efforts.
  • Launching internal training programs to ensure that staff are familiar with existing non-animal methods.
  • Collaborating on strategies to avoid the use of animals for toxicity testing.
  • Furthering discussions on the implementation and regulatory acceptance of non-animal methods with additional companies and regulatory agencies.
  • Working with in silico and in vitro method developers to design non-animal methods specific to company needs.
  • Investing in equipment for animal-free toxicity testing.